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The aim of this laboratory is to provide you with a practical example of a simple control system. You will be using a small DC servo-motor to study a number of properties of a DC motor control system.   The laboratory will also provide an opportunity for you to apply the practical skills you have learnt in circuits, electronics, electrical machines and mechanics.

At the completion of all the experiments the goal is that:

-         You learn how to use a state of the art technology for real time control of a DC motor using Matlab

-    You learn how to design a PI control system for real time control using Matlab

-     You gain a practical understanding of dynamics, feedback, stability and control

-         You gain practical experience in the measurement of the various properties of a control system

-         You gain understanding about both gain and phase shift in the frequency domain in practical terms

-         You gain understanding about both transient and static response in the time domain.

-         You familiarise yourself with some of the options available to a control engineer in seeking to obtain satisfactory performance from a system (not always just a motor).

-         You learn techniques on how to implement and test a practical control system that involves electronic devices, electrical machines and mechanical parts.

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