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Getting Started

Before you can begin the experiments its important to gain some background information first. By taking the time to understand the concepts and learning about the equipment first you will find this laboratory much easier.


There are a total of 5 experiments for you to complete. Each experiment has 3 parts: Preparation, Experiment and Procedure

Aim: This is what you are expected to learn by the end of the experiment

Preparation prepares you for the experiment and must be completed before the corresponding experiment. 

Experiment describes the tasks to be completed in the corresponding experiment.  It is suggested that you try to complete the experiment without using the procedures such that you have an opportunity to figure it out by yourself.  

Procedures are to be used if you have difficulties in completing an experiment or you want to confirm your way of completing the experiment. You can read the procedure section which explains detailed steps for selected tasks in the corresponding experiment. 

Important Notice:

Fifteen minutes prior to the end of the laboratory all students must cease working on their experiments and begin to clean up. All equipment must be returned to their original location. All power devices need to be switched off and all computers logged off. Students are not to leave their work station until all this has been completed.

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