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Equipment Introduction

In control theory you will use very few pieces of equipment. Use this section to familiarise yourself with the equipment and to gain an understanding of the different connections/switches etc that you may need to use to carry out the experiments correctly.
The equipment is shown in the picture below:

Hilink Real-Time Hardware-in-the-loop Control Board

The board uses many inputs and outputs in the control theory laboratories. The standard configuration used in most laboratories is shown below:

Note: P0_A could also be red+black and P0_B could also be purple under our new colour code.

Important: Ensure Power is connected so that the brown or white wire is connected to VPS and the blue or black wire is connected to ground before switching on the power. Failure to do so may result in hardware damage

The connections to the control board from the motor should be made as shown below

Further information on the Hilink hardware and software can be found in the user manual which can be found here.